Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mothers Day!  Kirk made the day special with breakfast in bed and a nice dinner in the evening. We sadly had to speak on Mothers day at church, it was one of our last Sundays! We only have two more! Crazy! The time is going so fast! Now that it is coming close I am not ready. There are so many people and things that I will miss.  Well I  am 37 weeks! If all goes as planned this baby will be coming on the 29th! We are keeping our fingers crossed, but that is only two and half weeks!!!! AAHHH!! Freaking out a little! 


Arritt said...

Beautiful pictures!! I'm so excited for baby boy to come! I'm sorry that this is such a crazy time in your family- with everything happening at once! I hope we'll get to see you when you're in Spokane! Good luck with everything! (And by the way, thanks for taking such good care of Kollan when he was out there!) Lots of love!!

Jarae said...

Oh my heck! I had no idea you were pregnant. Congratulations!!! You are beautiful Falycia. :)